Saturday, June 21, 2014


Camp life is the life for me!  The energy, the fun, the worship, the kids...all rolled up into one big fabulous week.
This year, I was filled with so many emotions.  Baby girl was experiencing her last year as a camp kidjammer kid and big girl is getting ready to travel and spend the rest of her summer with camp kidjam as an intern!  I am completely astounded, grateful and blessed that God would allow our family to experience this is such a big way!
This week at camp, I saw kids worship, kids learn about moving towards God, leaders bonding, kids becoming leaders.  I heard kids talking about why they love camp, God, their friends and leaders!  I felt little hands slip into mine, countless hugs and God speaking into my heart.
I believe that many hearts were changed and that our 29 campers and 5 leaders each learned something new and experienced God's love and grace this week.
And now, I have the joy of knowing Molly will be experiencing this five more times this summer!
Last year sitting under a tree waiting on our campers, I mentioned to Molly that I thought interning would be fun way to spend her summer.  She laughed and kinda rolled her eyes.  I prayed.  She applied to go to governors school for this summer.  I prayed.  God began working on her heart, leaning it towards a summer of camp.  I prayed.  She applied to be a camp intern. I prayed.  She got her internship.  I prayed.  Now, we are a week away from her packing her camp staff shirts and beginning her internship.  And you better believe that I am praying.  Praying that God will continue to show his favour on her, praying that she will continue to move towards to Him, praying that she will make friendships that will last, praying for
safety and praying that she will be a blessing.
So....there's my jumbled up thoughts on camp! 

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