Monday, April 21, 2008

Boy vs. Girl

This is Silas posing! He saw the camera and said "me picture" - I guess this is his best cheese. We're improving he normally runs or puts his hand over his face.

Here a couple of pictures of Silas with his new love - a caterpillar. How different than 3 girls - when they find a caterpillar - someone else has to pick it up and keep it while they busy themselves making it a home in hopes that a butterfly will come flying out the very next day!
But not Silas - he kissed , named it Thomas, held it, squeezed it and never noticed that it stopped moving and green juice was oozing out! Ew Gross - a new experience for Mom!! I love it though -it is so much fun to watch him play and go. Now - is it fun to take him to a restaurant - No way! He is rough and tough boy and we can't imagine our life without him! We are so thankful for the Lord's sense of humor when He created this "bouncing baby boy"! Beau's famous quote is "I always wanted a boy...I just had no idea it would be this exhausting!"
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Kathy Kistner said...

You go Silas!

Debbie Musser said...

You are so blessed to have Silas ! He sounds like he is such a special little boy - I miss seeing him grow up!