Friday, May 30, 2008

Blue and Gold Week

What a great week! A very old tradition at Matthews Elementary is Blue and Gold Week. It is a week filled with competitions and activites. This year Clara was on the Blue Team and Molly was on the Gold Team. The girls each enjoyed their day outside with soccer, hurdles, tug of war, sprints and several other games. Molly really enjoyed tug of war and proved to really help her team out on this one.
Clara enjoyed all of the games, but I think her favorite thing was when the ice cream truck came at the end. Molly also got to help on another day as a field marshall, 4 kids out of each 5th grade class were chosen by the gym coaches and teachers for this job!
All week we watched the scores, cheering both girls on! In the end the Blue Team pulled out a victory by 5 points! Way to go Clara - this is Clara's first time being on the winning team!
It was a great week, we are all exhausted and looking forward to a quiet weekend!
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