Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Molly!

It is hard to believe, but our first baby girl turned 11! It is amazing how fast the past 11 years have flown by. It seems just a short time ago that Beau and I were given the great news that we would indeed be able to have a baby. We had spent years praying that God would allow us to and we are so thankful that He healed my body and made our dreams come true.
Molly has been such a gift to so many people. It seems that every life that she touches is blessed and thankful to have her.
We are so thankful for her commitment to her family and the love that she shows each of us. She is such a good "little" momma in our house. She is always ready to lend a helping hand, either with a chore or playing with the little ones. She has become such a girly girl...she loves cooking, shopping and Vera Bradley! Her birthday cake this year was her own creation - she and her friend Carolyn made it from the beginning to end - all from the inspiration of Rachael Ray! It tasted great and looked so fun!
But above all of this, we are so thankful for Molly's relationship with God. It is convicting to see her pull her Bible out every night and read her daily reading - often times marking something in her Bible or writing something in her notebook. Our prayer for Molly and each of our children is that He will hold them close and that the desire of their hearts will always be focused on Him.
Thank you, Lord for this wonderful little girl you have given to us. Our life changed when we held her for the first time and our hearts grew to a place that we never knew was possible. She is so precious and loved and we are so thankful that you entrusted her to us. Help us as parents to be faithful to her - loving her, encouraging her, challenging her and always pointing her to you.
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Happy Birthday!