Friday, July 25, 2008


The Leonards are still plugging along. The kids and I have been in Charlotte for about 2 weeks - we have spent our days by the pool. Grammie and Granddad gave Ellie money for swim lessons and she is LOVING it! She is doing such a great job, she has learned to put her face in and blow bubbles, how to tread water for a minute and she is beginning to really swim. I think by the end of summer she will be a great swimmer. Silas is loving the pool this summer, he is doing great with his vest! He loves to swim with Molly and he loves to push Clara in the pool. Molly and Clara both enjoy the pool atmosphere. They swim, eat, read and catch the rays.
Beau came home last weekend and we really enjoyed our family time. We started a Monopoly tournament - Mom 2 wins and Dad 1 win (not that I'm keeping track). The girls love playing - Molly keeps a running balance of her money - it is so funny! She does not like to have less than $500. Clara on the other hand doesn't care how much money she has, she just wants to buy buy and buy! Needless to say, Clara is normally the first one bankrupt!
We had an open house last weekend - no real luck with that. We have put our house up for rent this week. We are really trying to just hang in there - but with school getting close to starting the stress has really raised around here. Our hearts desire is for the kids to start school in Virginia. We really hate to see Molly start Middle school here and then have to change when something happens with the house. We just ask you all to just continue to pray for us and for our family. Especially for Beau - it is very hard for him to be away from the babies and my heart aches for him.
Thanks for your prayers and for caring about what is going on with us!

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