Friday, October 24, 2008

Leonard Update

Let's start with Silas - He is growing and talking so much. He says such funny things and keeps us all in stitches. He does however have a one "track" mind and we have sadly left the race track of Lightning McQueen and entered the railroad "track" phase. Silas spends all day every day entertaining himself by watching Thomas videos, reading Thomas books and playing with Thomas trains. His favorite days are the ones that end with a bath with his Thomas bath toys and his mom has his Thomas jammies clean and ready for him to put on.
Ellie has grown leaps and bounds. She has put a little bit of her weight back on she finally looks healthy to us. She is LOVING kindergarten. She has learned an unbelievable amount already and she can't wait to learn more! The adjustment to kindergarten has not been made without a few tears, but overall she has done an amazing job and we are so proud of her. Ellie lost her 2nd tooth last night. It was very loose at bedtime but she opted to wait until morning - well, that didn't happen. It was gone when she got up and when I say gone....I mean gone!
Clara is doing good. She has had a few bumps to get over in school, but she seems to have tackled them all. She has had some very sad moments over her precious Nanny Mary Ann. It is breaking her heart to see her so sick, but she is facing those feelings and we know that God will see her through them. She is so tender hearted and we are so thankful for that!
Molly is doing great, she is definitely entering that pre teen era. She is enjoying school and loves her youth group. She has already been chosen to do several special things at school. She is looking forward to a couple of days off from real school to do some leadership training in the school. We're not sure what is all about...but we'll report back on it!
That's it for the babies....
Keep us all in your prayers and you will be in ours! Thanks for checking the blog..

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