Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Watch out Tiger

As the weather turns warm and our afternoons are spent outside, we realized that Silas is no longer a toddler and his "baby" outside things just aren't right for him. My first clue could have been when he pushed his little cute trike and said "this doesn't work.", or it could have been when he turned 2 die cast trucks into roller skates or maybe when I saw him sneaking onto Ellie's princess bike. Anyway, my baby boy is growing up and he is needin' some big boy toys! During our errands today he talked us into going into Dick's Sporting Goods. On our 3rd trip upstairs to the golf department, we caved and got the little man a set of junior golf clubs! He is really loving them!
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nowamomoffour said...

Man does he look like you! He's too precious! I love the golf clubs!