Thursday, May 7, 2009

Date Day

Thanks to a bunch of people, Beau and I were able to enjoy a whole day out at the Golf Championship. Our neighbors shared from their stash of tickets with us (Thanks Brendan & Tony) and Beau's parents graciously adjusted their travel plans and spent the day with Silas!
Beau and I had a great time - it was so nice to be with Beau ALL day by myself...these days are few and far between. We enjoyed walking the course, eating the food and the lemonade was delicious!! I will admit that I was a little surprised at how crowded it was when Tiger was at a hole and how not crowded it was for the other golfers! I quickly decided following Tiger was not for me! I also will admit that I have not given Brendan credit for how HARD his job is!! Those golf bags are huge!!!
Silas did great with Mom gone all day. Mammie and Poppie now know all about Phineas and Ferb! Thanks again for coming!
We can't wait until next year - maybe we can get 2 days in!!

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Beau Leonard said...

And to my amazement Tiger really does drive a Buick. As we were leaving we saw Tiger in a Buick.