Monday, June 1, 2009


Many of you know that Molly Ann had a imaginary pet frog for years. He was orange with pink hair and he went and did everything with our family. He moved out after Molly started the first grade. Many of her pictures you will see her cupping her hand, because that is where Kermit liked to sit for pictures. Well, fast forward a few years and you won't believe what I am gonig to tell you. Yesterday at the pool, Silas told me something was in his ear. I pretended to get it out and handed it to him, I said "What is it?" and he said "It's my pet frog.!" And for the past 24 hours we have fed, bathed, played and put 6 "frogs" to bed! What does this say about my children??? Who knows, but for now it is really cute!

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