Monday, July 27, 2009

ABC's of the Summer So Far!

A - An AWESOME week at Camp Placid!
B - the Leonards' rode a banana boat!
C - Clara has lost 3 teeth!
D - Dollywood with Grammie and Granddad!
E - Eric taught Molly how to make sliders!
F - "fishing" in the creek!
G - A lot of time with Grandparents!
H - Heather and Clara bonded at church camp!
I - Ice cream has become a major part of most days!
J - a day out with Janet, so much fun!
K - a Kistner reunion!
L - LIAR - the girls favorite card game!
M - Mammie and Girls shopping days!
N - late late Nights!
O - Oh how we loved the Ocean!
P - precious cuddling with baby Holden!
Q - BBQ from Ridgewood - Yum-O!
R - Rest, Rest and some more Rest!
S - Ellie learned to Swim!
T - train rides at the park, Silas' favorite!
U - unbelievably good time on the 4th of July!
V - vacation is the Best!
W - a trip to the Barter for the Wizard of Oz!
X - an X-cellent summer
Y - Y does the summer have to end?
Z - Silas needs a visit to the zoo....

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