Monday, November 29, 2010

I am all about free!!

I am so excited to write about a free offer I was given! Searching the web for ideas on Christmas cards I stumbled across an offer from Shutterfly for 50 free Christmas Cards! I was immediately interested! I have had great expereinces with Shutterfly - I have had Christmas cards, Calendars and Coffee mugs made from their website! All have been a huge success! My family loves receiving Christmas Cards - it is a race to the mailbox everyday! They equally love sending the cards - we all work together to get the job done! I love that now with Shutterfly the job will be done in a gluing the picture to a card, no signing our name 50 times! With just a few little clicks on my computer the cards will be ordered and FREE!!
The designs at Shutterfly are great too - with 4 kids it is hard to get everyone in the perfect shot but on their website I'll be able to choose a design that allows me to include 4 individual shots. No more trying to get them all to smile at once! Check out their designs at!

I also love using them after the Holidays to make Thank You Cards!

And don't forget that their also a great way to make Birthday cards!

Start looking for our cards in the mail!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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