Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thank You Jesus!

With prayer and supplication,  our school year is complete.
I want to pause for a moment and acknowledge the One who got us here.
This year, as all years have been, our kids have been covered in prayer.
I am thankful for the ones who prayed and for the One who listened and answered abundantly more than we could have ever asked for.

Let's start with Silas.  Just 3 years ago, you started preschool, in a room next to mine, and you spent 7 months there in almost silence.  We prayed, we worried, we sought help, we talked about, we cried...all in preparation for sending you to Kindergarten.  Sending you to a very big school, where you would just be one of 1200.  We thought it would be hard, we were right.  We were tested in many ways and one thing I know for sure, when Mama Bear thinks her cub is in ain't pretty!  But, he prevailed.  he found his strength.   He was amazing.  He is reading, writing and testing above what he should be and we are so thankful.  Yet the moment that made me the most proud was when He stood in front of his class and their parents and read a book that he wrote.  That took a lot of courage and he did it well!  Above all that, He found where to look for courage.  One night last week He told us, "I'm not going to be scared at school this Friday."  When Grammie and I asked why, He said "Because I prayed that God would help me."  He prayed expecting God to answer.  We all can learn from that!

Ms. Eleanor had  a fantastic year.  She ushered her baby brother the first several weeks with the love of a momma.  She watched over him and she took over the role of being the big Leonard at school.  She was blessed this year with the most amazing teacher and she has learned so much.  She is a diligent student.  She does her homework without being asked.  She made straight A's and scored fantastic on her EOG's.  This year she has been a friend to many.  She has loved her Girl Scout troop and worked hard on several outreach projects.   She ran her first 5k and started golfing!  This year, she also made a public profession of her faith and was baptized.  Ellie has such a gentle spirit and we are so proud of her.  

Clara Jane had a fantastic 7th grade year.  She pulled out an amazing year with her grades.  She participated in several afterschool programs, including being the president of the Optimist Club.  She has become a leader in her Girl Scout Troop and is well on her way to earning her Silver Award.  She is a hard worker and often times, other parents brag on her work ethic and spirit. 
She has also become a self-taught seamstress - she is loving to quilt, make purses and all kinds of things!  As always, she is still our passionate child.  Passionately loving or hating everything and everyone!  We have seen tremendous growth in her maturity this year and we are excited to see what God is going to do with her.  She is looking forward to a mission trip and youth leadership camp this summer!

Molly was a fabulous freshman!  She did an amazing job at Butler and we are so proud of her accomplishments.  When class rankings came out in March...she was first in her class.  She loves her school and she does well in every subject.  This year has been a big year - she took and passed Driver's Ed and received her learner's permit in May.  It is hard to believe that our little girl is growing up...but the facts are the facts...and she is!  She has spent a lot of time this year thinking about and meeting with a college prep coach, before we know it she will be making these life decisions.  Our prayer is that God will lead her and that she will make those decisions with Him.  She is looking forward to going back to Pittsburgh for the mission trip and she will be going the leadershipo camp as well!

It has been a good year and we are thankful.

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