Wednesday, September 5, 2012

from panic attack to johnny cash

I love to see God work.  I love to see Him answer the prayers of His children. 

On day 2 of school at about 7:30, while sipping my morning Diet Coke...I get a call.  It's never good when the phone rings before you have finished your Diet Coke.  It's Silas' sweet teacher on the line and she lets me know that the boy is having a major panic attack...I talk to her and to Silas.  I promise Silas that I will be praying and I offer to his teacher to come in.  She says to give her 15 minutes to see if she can overcome it...I quickly jump in the shower knowing there is no way on day 2 she can overcome this!   I was wrong...she handled it - with grace and love.  She texted several times throughout the day to let me know how he was doing.   I thanked God all day for placing him with a teacher that loved and cared him so effectively and efficiently.  What a blessing. 

We continued to pray, his grammie and granddad continued to pray and we asked for 2 people that mean the world to Silas to pray (Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. Michael)...they prayed too!

The rest of the week went fantastic - I received serveral emails and texts letting me know that Silas was having a great week.  Thank you Jesus!

On Friday night , I thought I should probably send a text thanking her for a great week.  Really...I should have fixed her dinner, taken her flowers, washed her car....Anyway, I get a text back.  This is what it said "did you know that your sweet boy is a johnny cash fan and because he loves him the rest of the class does?!"

Seriously?  No, I didn't know that.  I actually had no idea! 

Who knew that a little boy that "freaked out" on Tuesday would have enough confidence on Friday to convince a bunch of 1st graders to get up and dance to Johnny Cash?  I sure didn't know...but I know someone who did.  I'm so thankful that my life is held in his hands and I am so thankful for people in Silas' life that are faithful to go before the Father and pray for his mercy and grace to cover his little llife.


elizabeth said...

oh you're making me cry. love that silas...he is always surprising me - in the best kind of ways!

susan said...

That is so awesome. I have thought about him and sent up a few prayers too. He is an amazing boy and I think his teacher is too. Silas is lucky to have his wonderful crazy family!!!

*Ariail* said...

So sweet!! Glad he has such a loving teacher! Esp one who takes the time to send you texts throughout the day!! Love you all so much!!