Monday, July 8, 2013

Camp KidJam 2013

 A few weeks ago we loaded up and headed to Camp KidJam!  It was an amazing week on so many levels! 
This year, Molly went as a leader and I absolutely loved watching her with the kids.  Her excitement, her love for the kids and mostly her love for Jesus was contagious to all of the kids we took.  She gave 110% of herself the entire week!
Ellie Kate was a returning KidJam'er and she once again had the time of her life!  She loves all things to do with camp.  From the cafeteria food to team games to worship...she loves it all!  I believe she woke up smiling, smiled all day and went to sleep smiling. 
Just like my girls I love all things camp.  The experience is something that I am so grateful to be a part of.  To be in a room with hundreds of kids worshipping without boundaries touches my heart and brings me to the feet of Jesus so quickly.  The way they love each other, the way they play together, the way they laugh just doesn't get any better! This year a highlight for me was my little shadow, Jack.  He was faithfully my friend at dinner and large group! 
A huge treat this year was that I got to room with my friend, Elizabeth.  And I have to admit that we stayed up way too late, giggled a little too much, prayed together and talked about everything from A to Z.  What a blessing to able to serve alongside her and for us to be able to have some girl time right in the middle of kid camp!
I have said it before and I pray I have the chance to say it again, but Camp is a life changing week.  It is so amazing to go worship, learn and just be with the kids. 

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