Thursday, September 10, 2015

so thankful

New Charlotte is a church for the city.  But, for the Leonard family it is also a church for the family.  Over the past five years it has opened doors for our family to serve, provided a place for our family to worship and allowed us to sit under the teaching of the best pastor in the city. 
Our youngest child came to know Jesus at New Charlotte.  He loves Jesus fiercely.  We are thankful for Chris and Michael who early on loved on and poured into our boy.
Our Ellie was baptized in the frigid waters of New Charlotte.  She has had the opportunity to spend three amazing weeks at camp kidjam.  She loves to serve and we are thankful for the opportunities that New Charlotte has given her to do that.
Clara and Molly both have learned so much from the teaching of Chris.   They love the opportunities and doors that have been opened for them at Greenway Park.
Friendships have been forged, memories have been made.   There are weeks that I come and Chris' words are like a balm to my soul and there are weeks that I feel so convicted that I can hardly sit still.
We have been ministered to in our darkest nights and we have celebrated our biggest victories.  
New Charlotte is our family. 
We are grateful for it.
We are proud of it.
We love it.
We celebrate it.

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