Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Look At Us Now...

Sixteen years ago, through a funny round of events....Beau called and asked me on our first date. WOW! That is a long time ago. I wanted to just take a minute and say how thankful I am for that first date and for the many that followed. Happy 16th Anniversary of our first date!!!
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Jenn said...

Hey Robin! Congrats to you guys too! 16 years - wow! I like following you guys on your blog too. Now I don't feel like we're missing out on so much. We'd love to get together with you guys sometime - we'll have to plan a trip.

Justin Buchanan said...

Hello Leonard Family. I am so glad you left a comment. I had been thinking back before Christmas about how it would be so great to drop an email or say hello. I have lost all emails for you all. The pics on your blog are amazing. Your family is growing and growing up, except for maybe the big fella in the back.

Anyway. Hopefully one day soon we'll get to see you all and catch up. Have a wonderful day in the Lord.