Friday, February 8, 2008

Warm January Days

The Leonard kids are enjoying the beautiful weather Charlotte has been having. Ellie loves riding along with one of the big girls on the power scooters - that is very scary when Clara is the driver. Silas is enjoying his dirt pile out back - he loves to dig and roll in it just a like a good dog. All is well here - the little ones and I spent some time in Bristol this past week. They had a good time hanging out with Granddad and playing! It was a quick trip but we enjoyed it - we look forward to a longer visit where we can see more people. The big girls did great with Beau - I think he spoils them a little when I'm gone! I called Wednesday night to tell them good night and they giggled and said they were staying up for American Idol and the UNC Game. I think Clara made it until the first commercial break of the game but Molly stayed up until the bitter end. We hope all is well with everyone!
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Jenn said...

Cute pictures! Calvin would love playing with Silas! He, too, loves to get filthy in the dirt when playing outside! Did Dave and Cary have their baby?

Jake said...
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