Monday, June 23, 2008

All for His Glory...

God is so good.  Many of you have prayed with us for my Aunt Mary Ann over the last 14 months - she was diagnosed on April 4, 2007 with a very aggressive type of lung cancer.  She has struggled through hours and hours of chemo, followed by lots of radiation and finished with radiation with the gamma knife.  It has been a long and hard road, but she has fought it with her eyes on God.  She has witnessed every step of the way and never lost sight of His ability to heal her or take her to Heaven.  Today, Hallelujah we received the wonderful news that her body is cancer free.  We are so thankful that her diligence in treatment and her faithfulness to the Father has been rewarded with this great doctor's report.  
We are all rejoicing and thanking our Father for this wonderful blessing.  
To those of you who have prayed, thank you for the prayers! 

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