Tuesday, July 15, 2008

There's no place like home....

After 31 days of traveling, the kids and I are back home. We have so much fun visiting with family and friends from Maryland to Tennessee. But just like Dorothy, on Monday we clicked our heels and said "There's no place like home...., there's no place like home."
Silas came home and ran from his room, to his train table and then to his dirt pile - then he would start all over again. He was not very happy today when I took him to Costco and Harris Teeter! He wanted to stay at Silas' house!
The little girls needed to make a big mess and play dress-up to feel at home! They have spent today dancing, playing on the computer, dressing up and making concoctions!
Molly was ready to come home - she said she was tired of the clothes she packed and she was needing to organize all her end of the year papers! She has spent the day doing just that!
We are hoping our daddy comes to Charlotte soon - we are ready for some family time. It has "only" been since Memorial Day since our little family has been together alone.
We continue to ask you to pray for our family as we struggle being apart. God is good and we know that taking this job was the right thing, but right now we are all ready to be in the same zip code! Just pray for God's guidance in our life and that we will have peace with the decisions we are making.
I hope to catch everyone up on all the fun places we went and people we saw...stay tuned!

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