Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas, 1983

My parents had planned a trip to Vail, Colorado - they told us they would be leaving on Christmas Eve and that we would be staying behind.  Eric and I were not very happy and could NOT believe they would leave us on Christmas.  We pouted and fussed for weeks....
Mom & Dad continued planning and rubbing it in our face.  "Sorry kids" they would say with a grimace on their face!
On the Sunday before the trip, I was moping around after church.  Pouting and fuming, thinking about how mean it was that my parents would leave me for Christmas.  My cousin Sean walked up to me and said "I'm about to make your day....your parents are taking you on the trip!"  I couldn't believe it I was so excited!  
On Christmas Eve Eve we had a visit from Santa and all of our gifts were all about Skiing.  A new baby blue ski outfit from Nettie Lee, a pair of 110 skis for me, ski boots, ski goggles....I was looking good.
We headed out on Christmas Eve morning  to Vail.  Tons of luggage, all the Kistner's and Susan and Cindy Thrasher!  We arrived at the airport to find Vail snowed in and no rental cars....they gave the 6 of us a brand new Jeep Cherokee and we loaded it down and headed out on the unpassable road. 
Our condo was amazing and we had a wonderful white Christmas.  On Monday A.D. Jones and the Watson's arrived.   We headed out on Tuesday for a great day on the slopes.  Eric and I were put in Bunny School to learn to ski.   Eric fell half way through the day and had to be snow mobiled off  the bunny "mountain" and spent the rest of the week in a leg brace with a torn ligament. 
That left me to follow David Watson down the slopes for the week - I was flying down the mountain by the end of the day!
It was a great week and one of the BEST gifts ever!

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