Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Christmas Train

As told by Granddad Gene:
Growing up in a house with four boys, there wasn't always a lot of organization. But come Christmas morning, our Dad had a tradition that lined his boys up! We would wait and wait to come out of our rooms on Christmas morning, wanting to be sure that Santa had made his stop at our house. Once we were sure we would run to wake up our Mom & Dad. We would jump on the bed and beg them to get up - Santa has come we would yell. They would finally get out of bed and put us in a line just like a mother duck lining up her baby ducks. We would go from oldest to youngest, each ones hands on the other shoulder. Our Dad would holler "All aboard" and us four boys would "Choo Choo" all the way down the hall to our Christmas Toyland!
What a great memory!

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