Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas with Stephie & Brendan

Today's memory will be sharing Christmas times with Stephie & Brendan. While we were in Charlotte, it was so easy to hang out with them because they were RIGHT next door. So, if the Leonard's started baking, making hot chocolate or playing games one of the kids would ALWAYS say, let's go get Stephie and Brendan. And of course we loved when the doorbell rang and Stephie was standing there with peanut butter balls or cookies!
Stephie and I always had a baking day and then would share our treats with the neighbors! I will miss that tradition!
We also would drag them along to look at Christmas lights - a car full of adults and screaming children - precious memories!
I'm sure Stephie and Brendan are enjoying all their extra space this year, in years past Santa always hid gifts at their house and they would always be Santa's little helper - they are experts in all things assembled, from scooters, to bikes to train tables too! Beau and I always looked so funny late on Christmas Eve hauling stuff from their house to our house!
We love and miss you guys! We hope you are having a fun Christmas Season!
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