Thursday, December 11, 2008

Skipping Christmas

Last year Eric & Heather skipped Christmas and headed to Mexico! Luckily, their flight left from Charlotte and we were able to visit with them as they were coming and going! When they came, we had a big dinner together - all of E's favorites, roast, mashed potatoes, rolls etc, and then we went through a couple of HUGE neighborhoods and looked at lights! The kids and Aunt Heather did a lot of game playing, including checkers! Silas and Eric finally bonded over the CARS wii game! The next morning Beau took them to the airport! When they came back from Mexico, Heat was really sick....they ended up staying several days because she was too sick to travel.
We really enjoyed our days with them before and after Christmas and are so thankful for them! We are looking forward to a BIG Chrsitmas celebration this year to make up for last year!

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