Friday, December 12, 2008

Preparing Molly

Some things never change and a constant at the Leonard house is that Molly Ann needs to be prepared.  She does not really like change and when there is change she would like to be as prepared as possible.  I am sure that at Outdoor school last week, she had the most equipped suitcase.  She read the list and re read it to be sure she had everything checked off and that whatever need might arise she would have the item to answer the need!  I love that about her!  It comes in very handy for a momma of four - if I need a kleenex I just ask Molly, need a pen - ask Molly.  But as a little girl, it was not so easy to handle.  When she was 19 months old, she celebrated her 2nd Christmas.  Everyone was very excited about having Molly mobile and talking during the holidays!  Everyone wanted to buy the perfect gift  and outfit for her.  And they could not wait to see her reaction.  However, Molly wasn't as prepared or excited and early in the season her Daddy and I saw that this was not going to be easy.  So just like we prepared and coached her outdoor school, we did the same for her 2nd Christmas.  As we were getting her ready, we would say "okay Molly, let's put on the outfit that Ann got you, it is so pretty and then Aunt Wanda is coming over...she is bringing a bitty baby, with all the clothes to go with it.You're going to love it!"  We would rehearse every move and action so that when she had to do it, she was somewhat prepared!
She ended up having a blast that Christmas as did all of us who shared it with her.  In those days, there was only one little girl with lots of people to love and shower with attention and gifts.  Things have changed over the years, we have more babies and the ones who shared Molly with us are now sharing in their own Christmas memories with their new babies!  But, I know that we will all look back on those days with fond memories of our little Molly and the special times we all had with just her.  I think Molly is proof that you can't love or give too much attention to one child....she is a precious girl and just like that Christmas, we are all so thankful for the gift we were given in her.

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