Friday, December 5, 2008

Our first Tree

The year was 1994. Beau and I were celebrating our first Christmas as husband and wife. We were so excited to put up a tree and decorate. We went to a tree farm just down the street and set out to find the "perfect" tree. What we didn't really think about is the whole time we were looking and dreaming of what our tree would be, we were walking down a mountain. And just as we neared the bottom, I fell in love with our tree! My sweet husband sawed that tree down for me and then he hauled it back up that same mountain!!! Looking back, I wonder did I really need to go down that mountain????? or was there a tree that would have worked at the top, near the car? We probably do the same thing with our relationship with Christ...we try to do things on our own, often making lots of work for ourselves. But right there waiting at the top of the mountain is our Saviour - who will not only make our journey easier, but He will walk with us too!
Well, I can't really finish this blog, without telling you the ending to our Christmas tree. It was time to take it down and as inexperienced decorators our lights were not coming off very easily. Beau and I both were getting frustrated and so to save a newlywed couple from a big fight, we hauled that tree lights and hall into the woods. So the memory of our First Christmas tree was with us for a long time, as we walked the dog we passed by our dead tree, lights still on!!!
During this Season as I reflect on the different Christmas memories that I have, my hearts desire is that I would also spend some extra time reflecting, dwelling and studying the memory of that First Christmas. I pray that you can take the time to do the same!

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you should be a Gideon