Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another one bites the dust....

Don't judge me when you hear this story....
On Tuesday I took the kids to Michael's, Clara had a gift card from Santa that was burning a hole in her pocket. We had about 20 minutes to shop so that we would be on time to get Molly, so we were quickly making our way through the store. Silas did not want to ride in the front of the buggy and I knew we could not get out on time if he walked, so I let him (as I often do) ride in the back of the buggy. Surprisingly, we were having a good trip. He was content and the girls were happily shopping. All of a sudden, I saw him hike up his little leg and I stopped the buggy to sit him back down. As I stopped the buggy, he toppled out. He hit his arm, then his head - but he was pretty upset and his head was really hurting. I brought him home, he was very quiet and not himself. About 3 hours later the throwing up started, so we had to take a trip to the ER. Silas had to have a cat skan - which he did great for. He had 2 nurses and 1 Doctor fall in love with him, he made great friends with the cat scan guy and walked away with a concussion and a bag full of Thomas stickers, along with princess stickers he picked for Ellie.
He has done well since the incident. He was a little fussy and clingy yesterday, but today he seems back to himself.
We are thankful for the protection that God had over Him!

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Jen said...

OH no, Poor Silas! So sorry to hear about the "incident" but glad all are well now. You Leonards have a thing for concussions, don't you?
Miss you guys!
Love you!