Thursday, January 15, 2009

That wasn't me....

It wasn't me this morning that reluctantly rolled out of bed at 6 to shower for volunteering at school.
It wasn't me that woke 2 precious girls up at 6:30 to get ready for school.
It wasn't me that pushed and "encouraged" the 3 of us to get out the door on time.
It wasn't me that let the kids snowball fight on the way to the car, never thinking that we might be on delay.
It wasn't me that didn't think it was odd that no one was stirring in our neighborhood.
It wasn't me that said "Girls we are either way behind or way ahead because there are no kids or bus this morning!"
It was my Clara that said "There's no footsteps on the sidewalks or tire tracks in anyone's driveway mom."
It wasn't me that pulled the car over and asked her hubby to see if we were on snow schedule...

It was me that had 2 hours to kill this morning!!!!

We are not used to these Northern mornings!

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