Monday, February 23, 2009

Cookin' with the kids!

Friday night is Family Night at our house. It is very low key, normally a game or movie. But we do try to focus on doing things together. Lately, we have been taking turns planning the nights. Sometimes that has been good, other times (like when Ellie created a game show) it has not been so good. This Friday night was my night, in the midst of all that is going on in our house I did not really have a plan, not for the night or even for dinner!!! But when a few things fell together, we ended up cooking brownies and going to the mall for dinner. It ended up a huge hit and got rave reviews! Way to go Mom!
Molly actually skipped the cooking part, she was very busy getting ready for the upcoming move. We normally have mandatory attendance, but I let it slide this week. So the three little ones and I set out to make mini brownie muffins with reese cups in the middle. This was a great recipe shared by my friend Jen! The kids have alwasy loved to cook and it amazes me how much Silas loves it. Each one did their part in making the brownies - Silas dumped, Ellie cracked eggs and Clara measured! Then each filled their muffin tin. Clara needed no assistance, Ellie wanted to lick more than pour (she gets that from her mom) and Silas did a surprisingly good job!
While the brownies cooked, they opened the reese cups. We had exactly the right number and I was shocked that Silas could open and not eat. Then when they came out of the oven they each pressed their reese into the brownie. Some were a little more squished than they were supposed to be, but they turned out delicious.
I love activites that we can do as a family and it is fun to start having Silas really involved. Every since Friday he keeps saying "Let's make some brownies!!"
Wish I would have taken pictures, but we were a little too messy to pick the camera up...if in the packing I even knew where it was!!

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