Friday, February 20, 2009

Mountains of Laundry

In the midst of traveling to Bristol last weekend and packing this week, I seemed to have forgotten that there was dirty clothes to be washed. When Beau laid out khaki pants last night instead of jeans, I knew it had been awhile. So early this morning the task began - but for me, I find such joy in doing laundry and ironing. I often use that time to think about and pray for my family.
As I was folding jammies today, I realized that some of this jammies that I'm folding are going to be the ones that they wear their first night back in North Carolina. I can't help but be excited, even in the midst of the mountains of laundry! God has been so good to us through Pete and Joan and leaving them is going to be sad. We are so thankful for the gift they have given us and we will never be able to repay that to them. (unless they accept dirty laundry)! But as good as the last 7 months have been, I am so thankful to be going back home. And home is in North Carolina for us Leonards.
I'm so thankful for the joy that the Lord provides for me. If I hated doing laundry I would be in bad shape with the family I have! So when you do your laundry today - find the joy!!

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Jen said...

We can't wait to see you guys!!! Let me know if there is ANYTHING we can do for you...even though we'll probably see you at costco!!
Love you safe!