Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Super Bowl Excitement

Around here when it comes to sports, the Leonards are North Carolina through and through. Even though our team wasn't headed to the Super Bowl, we still felt that good food and fun should be part of our day! We were all talking about the yummy food we eat at the Puckett's for the Super Bowl party and the girls were talking about the fun they would have with their cousins. I decided to ask Ellie a few questions about the super's how it went.
Mom: Ellie, I know you're excited about the Super Bowl. How come?
Ellie: I get to see Annabelle
Mom: Well Ellie, what is a Superbowl?
Ellie: I have no idea, I just know I'm going to Annabelle's.
Mom: I'll give you a clue, it's a sport do you know which one?
Ellie: I told you all I care about is that "I AM GOING TO SEE ANNABELLE!"

So I guess to at least one Leonard - the fact that the Panthers were snug in their beds didn't matter!

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