Monday, March 30, 2009

Catch Up

Lots of fun things have been going on with the Leonard's over the past couple of weeks - I would love to blog them all, but time has gotten away, so I'll just give you a quick run down!
For Molly, March Madness couldn't be any better! Her bracket is strong, picking 15 of the Sweet 16 (not bad huh?). She and her Dad had a great opportunity to see her Tar Heels play in Greensboro, she had a wonderful day. School is going good for her, she seems to be settled and isn't even complaining about the bus! She is looking forward to the weekend and hoping with all her heart that her team becomes a Champion this year!
Clara has totally adjusted to the new school, grades are great, she loves her teachers and seems to be quite the social butterfly! She too picked a great bracket this year and is keeping her fingers cross that she wins the 5 bucks!! She is loving the warm weather and is spending her afternoons on her bike or roller blades with a cute pink i pod in her ears!! We're so thankful that her new fav is Pure N R G....a great Christian group that LaLa turned us on to!
Ellie is blooming in so many ways this spring. Her reading is amazing to us all, I love to see the look in her eyes when letters become words! Amazing! She is loving her new class, missing her old one. She is talking 100 miles per hour these days, sometimes we get what she is saying other times we don't. She loves her new speech teacher and is learning so much already!
Silas is our outside boy! He is loving having his dirt back - last night as I washed his hair I felt like I was exfoliating his scalp because of all the dirt that was on his head! He has a new friend on the street and he is loving to play with him!

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