Saturday, April 11, 2009

I am alive....

The words to one of my favorite songs is "I am alive because He is alive in me."
How astounding is it that through Christ's death, we have the opportunity to
have Him live inside us and that by doing that we become alive.
This year, I am reminded that it is only through Him that we are alive. The past few months our family has spent alot of time talking and dealing with death. As we watched my Nanny slip into the realms of Heaven, death took on a whole new view for us. As we were singing this song at church tonight my spirit was reminded, our Nanny is alive and this Easter season she has been in the presence of our King. She has touched the nail scarred hands and she has worshipped. Praise God! Two years ago on Easter morning my family gathered in a hospital room and we had church with Nanny. My children read the Easter story to her and we sang and prayed as a family. We took communion - the wine was juicy juice juice boxes and the bread was saltine crackers from the hospital's snack room. But we prayed and remembered. Last year the same scene was in my mom's living room, Ellie had pnemonia, strep and a kidney infection and she laid lifeless in my lap. But when it was her turn to share the Easter story, she took all the strength she had and told it perfectly! Nanny was there to watch and how proud she was of her.
This year we are in Charlotte, we will gather around the kitchen table and we
will finish our Resurrection Eggs and have communion together as a family.
I am so thankful that through Christ, I am Alive and I can celebrate not just on Easter but everyday.
Happy Easter.

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