Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Facebook, Surgery and Loose Teeth

What has been going on with the Leonards? How about a little update!

Molly: loving being a part of youth group
Mom just let her join facebook -so exciting
doing great at school
has the "privilege" of being offered to take the ACT/SAT soon!

Clara: doing great at school
is becoming very busy....retreats, camping, friends etc!
has eye surgery on October 27th for her drifting eye - be praying for her.
hoping to be better by Halloween - she is going as a fortune teller

Ellie: Reading like a Pro
LOVING school
looking forward to Halloween - she is going to be Jessie from Toy Story
has no teeth left
learned to ride her bike

Silas: Liking school more every day.
learning a ton
starting to really pray - so precious
trying to have the nerve to dress up at Halloween - if he goes he is going to be Woody
fromToy Story. He and Ellie are too cute.

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