Tuesday, October 13, 2009

He Talks?

Silas is doing much better at school. He is not crying when we get there, he is beginning to interact a little and every once in awhile he participates openly. I know he is getting more comfortable everyday so I was really able to have a good laugh with what happened to us last week.

We were in a restaurant last week picking up dinner and we saw a little 3 year old girl from Silas' class. She immediately greeted me and was talking non stop. As we were waiting for our food she came over to our table and look confused. She said "Why is Silas with you?" I explained to her that he was my little boy and then even more confused she said "He talks????"

Oh my, poor thing is still not saying enough for his classmates to know he can talk! We needed this more than I even knew.

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