Saturday, December 5, 2009

Silas - isms

Silas makes us laugh...alot! He has this quiet and extemely funny personality. Today he said some classics. Beau had to put a suit on for work today and when Silas saw him he put his hand on his head and said "Oh No Daddy is going to get married!" As Beau was leaving and I was in my flannel pants Silas said "Hurry Mom go get married with Daddy!"
Silas also loves Christmas Carols, we have been so surprised at how much he truly enjoys them. We have Jesus Christmas Carols and we have some very non-Jesus Christmas Carols. So tonight we are in the car and Silas says "Daddy is going to get drunk, watch football and play cards!" I was like "OH my goodness, where did my son hear that?" Then all of a sudden, my 2 big girls in the back started singing "Oh Grandma got ran over by a reindeer" - Silas was just quoting one of the lines out of the song! Maybe we should change our music!
He is such a hoot and we love him so much, we love how he makes us laugh until our belly hurts and tears are rolling down our cheeks. What joy he truly brings to all of us!

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