Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas....

Oh how I love the Christmas Season! Our tree is up, our outside is tacky and we are ready to go. I love this time of year, not just for the glitz and glamour, but for the whole attitude that comes with the month. I love Christmas music, hot cocoa for no reason and the fun of getting the mail and finding those wonderful Christmas cards.
Our girls are busy shopping and making their lists - of gifts they need to buy or wrap. I love that they are more concerned with that and they really don't have anything on their own list. Precious.
Silas is busy making lists and taking things off his lists. Precious.
My prayer this season is that I will stay focused on the true meaning, that our children will grasp the true meaning of Christmas and that God will use myself and Beau to teach that. I am praying that we will stop for a little while or a long while every day enjoy something "Christmasy".
Today, we did Christmas cards. Clara & Ellie helped a ton! Wonder what tomorrow will bring??

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