Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Drumroll Please.....

Our Baby Girl hits 13! Molly Ann, you rocked our world when you entered it! We never knew we could love so much! You grew our hearts in a way that we had only dreamed of.
For years we wondered, yearned and prayed that God would heal my body and make it able to have babies and you were that first miracle. We praise God for you and the gift that He has given to us through you.
You are an amazing girl! You are smart, beautiful and God Loving! You make good choices, friends and grades...who could ask for anything more.
You are definitely a Daddy's Girl, sharing your love of basketball and TarHeels. I love to kiss you two good night leaving you on the couch for basketball! I love seeing that bond that you share!
You still love your Granddaddy with a "rose colored" glass kind of love. He does no wrong and is always right, I am so thankful for that.
You love to shop and your Grammie has spoiled you with knowing what the finer things in life really are. (good jeans - good shoes - good coffee)
You are a great big sister. You have set a good example for the little ones and you love them and you look out after them!
Sometimes an attitude that we don't like springs up within you, but with a few words you are back on track. I am so thankful for your sweet disposition and your obedient heart.
I pray that the teenage years will not be ones that we look back on and shake our heads thankful that is over, but that it will be years filled with happy times and happy memories.
I feel confident that you will give us a ride that will be wonderful and will fill us with pride. As we watched you cross the stage last Thursday to receive your Duke Tip award, in my heart I knew that this would be the first of many. God has blessed you with an unbelievable academic ability and I look forward to seeing how you will use it please Him.
I love you with my whole heart!

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