Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Facts

Let's try this blogging thing again!

Molly: accepted to a Duke Summer program - finished track - counting the hours until she turns 13!!!

Clara: Looking forward to summer - loved her trip to Williamsburg - got a huge surprise from her Daddy and went to see Taylor Swift last weekend!

Ellie: Quite the handful these days - learning to use her mouth against those 2 big girls! Just got a bunkbed and is loving her "own" space!

Silas: Doing fabulous at school - has went to his class at church 2 weeks in a row - riding his bike for hours every day!!

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Wendi said...

Great! I am especially happy about Silas. He is on a roll, and this may be the end of the really hard times! He just needs to get used to things on a pace he can handle! The girls sound like they are doing great! Miss you!