Monday, March 28, 2011

Sisterly Love? Payback?

My brother, Eric and I fought...I mean we really fought. We hit, scratched, kicked, yelled and body slammed! But we laughed until we cried and many nights you could find me snuggled up in his bed. Yesterday, Ellie & Clara fought so bad that I finally forbid them to speak to one another. We made it through the day, I sent them to bed and what do I hear....giggling, lots and lots of giggling. I seriously wanted to go in there and beat their little butts....I opened the door, stuck my head in and told them to cut it out and go to sleep! Clara says "Can Ellie sleep with me?" Oh my Lord, have mercy! What happened? What changed? We did have a serious prayer time earlier...were their hearts changed because I made them pray for one another, say nice things about each other and hug and kiss one another? I don't know, but thank God for the change. I went back in the room about an hour later and there the two of them asleep, snuggled together. Sisterly love....a love that can fight and not hold grudges. How I pray that this will always be the way. That they would love one another enough to disagree but that will also love one another to be that Rock in each other's life.

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