Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ready or Not

Here we come!  It is hard for me to believe that our summer is over and we are ready to start this new school year.  This summer has held triumphs and failures, heartaches and celebrations, things that have broke our hearts and things that have filled us with love.  I would venture to guess that my prayer life has grown by leaps and bounds this summer.  I am so thankful for a Father that has sat up with me so many nights and listened to me plead for His healing, His grace and His love to fill me. 

As we start this new year, I continue to pray for each of my children.  I am so thankful as they each go their separate ways, that I know that they are each in His hands and that nothing can touch them that doesn't come through Him first.

I pray that God will help them to grow the gifts that He has given them, that they will not be arrogant about those gifts but that they would strive to do their best and to glorify Him in doing that. 

I pray that they would be an example to their classmates and that their actions and words would be a reflection of His Love. 

I pray that God will stretch them and grow them.

I pray for their teachers.  I pray that each of them will be a postive influence on our children.  That our children will love them and that they will love our children.  I pray that they will make good choices for my children.  I pray that they will make a difference in my children's life and that my children will make a difference in their life.

I pray for myself and for Beau that God will give us the wisdom that we need every single day as we make choices and decisions for our kids.  I pray that we will always seek Him in regards to when to stand up for our kids and when to let them stand up for themselves.

I look forward to seeing God work, I know that there will be tears and cheers and I am thankful for each of those.  

Watch Out Butler High, Crestdale Middle and Matthews....the Leonards are on the way!

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Wendi said...

They will all be great, and they will all be lights! I love you and appreciate you and your example!