Monday, July 8, 2013

He Will Carry Me

I passed a little turtle last week beginning his long journey across the road.  You guessed it...I had to stop and help that little fellow across the road.  It took me maybe a minute.
After I got back in the car, I began to think about how easy that was for me.  No big deal...a very small detour in my day.  But to that was huge.  He had just begun his little journey across the road...he was obviously getting nowhere fast and who knows...he may not have made it to the other side without my generosity.  Yet, when I picked him up, he hissed at me and curled up in his shell.  No thank you.  No smile.  No sigh of relief.  He just hissed and hid.  I didn't let that stop me...I just walked on.

When I got back in the car, I got to thinking.   How often do I do that?  When someone tries to give a helping hand.  Maybe it's one of the kids, a friend, my husband if I am being honest do it to God too!

It's time for me to accept that helping hand and accept it with a  grateful heart!

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