Monday, July 8, 2013

Take a break!

We have the great blessing of a three day weekend..with nothing to do!  Thank you Jesus! 
I love being busy and doing but sometimes I run out of steam and just want to rest and that is exactly what I have done!  We have had a very full start to 2013. 
We celebrated Cash turning One!  It is hard to believe that his first year is here and gone, I have not held him enough, kissed him enough or convinced him that I am #1!  He is a wild man and I love to sit back and watch him rip his way through a room...he reminds me so much of another little boy I know!  I'm  praying he becomes a better traveler and his momma can bring him to North Carolina for a long that is long enough for me brainwash him into believing that his Auntie can do anything!
Clara and I got to take a quick trip to Charleston with the middle school.  There was sightseeing, shopping, boat rides, making new friends and maybe a praline or two involved. It was so much fun and I am so thankful to have gotten to go!
My parents shared their story with their church...what a great blessing it is to hear that story again and again.  I love being reminded of how God worked in their life, it is a helpful reminder about how the trials that God brings us through become our greatest triumphs. 

Our kids are growing and changing at record speed.   Molly's highlight of the day now is going to the mailbox and seeing what college letter awaits here, it is hard for to believe!   Clara is still #1 in her own eyes!  She is becoming quite the seamstress and loves thinking about, planning and executing all her ideas that she has "pinned"!  Ellie Kate is  still sweet as pie and learning to play golf.  She is our little sunshine and brings joy to all!  Silas is doing first grade amazingly!  He still loves all things lego and dirt!!

Life is speeding by and we are holding on tight!

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