Monday, July 8, 2013

In His Hands

The past few weeks, I have been reminded that In His Hands is the only place I want to be. 
I knew it, I believed it, I never doubted it but I have been reminded.

It started when my Dad went through his heart attack.  God's hand and movement was so obvious it was like you had a window into Heaven watching Him orchestrating and working a great masterpiece.  Every single step God placed people in my parents paths that provided the knowledge, love and support that they needed, sometimes when they didn't even know they needed it!

Then we were on the the dream.  One second Silas was there and the next he was gone.  I mean g-o-n-e  gone!  We searched, the lifeguards searched, the hotel staff searched yet there was no blond hair blue eyed boy to be found.   We prayed.  It was a desperate, Jesus seeking prayer.  I prayed for God's safety to surround our boy and for Him to give us as his parents the grace and strength that we needed to get through that moment.  Unknown to us as we were searching, but Silas prayed too.  And in his words he stopped and he said "God help me know what to do" and he looked up and a lifeguard was standing there.  Silas our selective mutism boy, walked up to a complete stranger and said "sir, I think I'm lost and I need help." 
Where did that strength and knowledge come came from the Father.

I am so thankful that we are always in His hands. 

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