Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Silas!

Our smallest is turning eight today.  It seems unbelievable.  When I think of the past eight years with this special boy, I am overwhelmed with all that he has accomplished.   Three months ago, he started second grade and the floodgates opened.  I began to feel overwhelmed as we watched Silas quit eating, lose sleep, cry constantly and have panic attacks.  We prayed, we called others to pray, we researched, sought counsel and begged God for answers.  One night as I was praying, I said "I can't do this, I am not able."  And a voice so clear spoke to the depths of my heart and said "my child you were made for this, I called you to be his momma and you will do this."
And in that moment I took a deep breath and plunged forward.  Since bringing Silas home, we have seen him come back to life.  We have heard him belly laugh, consume more calories than I can count and play hard. 
So today, on this day, we celebrate the hurdles that he has crossed.  Wishing he wouldn't have to face more, knowing that he will and equipping him with the knowledge of His Savior to help him continue to be an overcomer.
What a joy it is be his momma, happy birthday to the one who sees me through rose colored glasses!

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Hi Robin,

You won the flag banner giveaway on my blog! Can you email me with your mailing address?

Thanks! And congrats!