Friday, November 15, 2013

Five years

Five years ago I  traveled home to be by the side of my loved and cherished aunt, Nanny Mary Ann, as she left her earthly home and entered her eternal home.   The days that surrounded her homecoming are etched into my mind and I hold tight to them.  The smell of her lotion, the feel of her skin and the I love yous that she said.
She was an amazing second momma to me and my heart aches so much for her.  When I need momma advice I miss her opinion, which I never ever had to ask for, she just freely gave it.  When it's time to make her favorite cake, I miss making it with her.  When my mornings are quiet, I miss those long daily talks thst carried me through newborn nights, toddler tantrums, first days of school and the list goes on.  I see her in my Clara   Clara's passion is so much like Nanny was.  Sometimes, I just look at Clara and say, "oh nanny is here for here the day, maybe I should put on a pot of coffee." 
I am so thankful for the memories, yet I would be lying if I didn't say the memories break my heart too.
So today as my mind drifts to that hospice room that cold weekend in November, I choose to remember the good.  The people who poured into our family and for life changing moments in my heart that happened as I literally watched her take her last breaths and enter into that heavenly place.  I will continue to let her legacy live on in our house, so thankful for the way she left her mark on all six of us.

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