Monday, October 14, 2013

Never say Never

Not so many years ago, Beau and I had a little one ready to start school.  She had been under our feet for five years.  We loved it.  We really prayed about what her education needed to look like.  We felt like the public school was our thing.  It broke my heart to leave her that first day of kindergarten.  I had never had to do that.  Yet, we knew she was where she needed to be.  Over the past twelve years we have been blessed with amazing teachers, great experiences and an education that I feel confident in.   Not just for Molly but for our all of our girls.
Along the way,  God in His infinite wisdom called us to be parents of a bouncing baby boy.  A little boy who found his delight in a the dirt pile behind our house and found his fear in leaving it.  Normal things like going to church and buying milk became as difficult to accomplish as climbing Mt.Everest.  We nurtured him, exposed him to many things and mostly loved him.  He was different.  Words did not always come easily for him and social settings were scary for him.  We did pre school together, my little buddy and me.  Silas in one room, me right next door.  He struggled on one hand and made huge strides on the other.  I will never forget the day his teacher peeked in my room with tears in her eyes and said "I just had to ask Silas to quit talking."  We celebrated that our mute little boy had spoken too much!!  As we approached kindergarten, we knew it would not be easy.  He struggled, we struggled.  He was a sad boy at home because his days exhausted him mentally and physically.  He persevered.  He made progress.  He survived!  First grade came. We were blessed with a teacher who from day one just got him.  He still struggled but he thrived.  Then came second grade.  From the start he struggled again, he quit eating, couldn't sleep, was getting bullied and the list goes on and on.  He was miserable and we were heart broken.  So, we brought him home.  Something I never ever thought I would do, we were all of a sudden being called to do.  Silas is eating, sleeping and laughing.  We are learning new things every day.  We are praying for his future.  Today our calling for Silas is to home school.  
We walk a crazy line.  We believe that the public school system is a good thing.  We feel that our girls needs are  being met and that they are where they need to be.  But we also believe that for now home school is the right thing for Silas.
We are thankful for those who have prayed us through the past two months.  For the notes, emails and texts that have literally carried us through.

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