Monday, December 23, 2013


Somehow Christmas has come and gone.  Between the flu, unexpected travel because of a death, work, school and a came.  Was I ready?  Not really.  Was that okay, absolutely! 
There were movies to watch, traditions to keep up, everyone's favorite baking to be done, lights to see and devotions to be read!  Yet, I was content to be.  Content to reflect on what this season is about and be okay to let things go.
And to our family it is about Jesus.  Not just about his arrival but about His death.  For we know that without his death, we can not have life. 
I am thankful this season and every single day, that in our house we have all accepted His perfect gift.  A gift that we know it is only by Grace we can receive it.   In Luke the scriptures teach us that Mary pondered in her heart all the details, and that's exactly what I want to do every single day.  

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