Friday, May 2, 2014

My Hero

Sixteen years ago, Beau and I began volunteering with the church youth group.  I was so nervous that first night.  My stomach was in knots, I was worried the teenagers would hate me, I was frantic that our baby girl couldn't make it through thr hour in the nursery...I was a hot mess.  But, on that first night a young girl introduced herself to me and from that moment on, my nervousness left and my heart filled with excitement and anticipation for what God had in store for us.
It was a quick friendship with that teenager, Julie.  She and her family became our closest friends.  We spent our weekends with her parents playing Rook, laughing and eating.  We witnessed so many of Julie's firsts.  Boyfriends, proms and graduation just to name a few.  We watched in awe as she started nursing school. We sat dumbfounded when she diagnosed Beau with diabetes and was correct...I think she had been in school about three weeks.  She was in the room when two of our girls were born, she was the only teenager that ever babysat our girls.  We have watched her grow up, spent a weekend in Charleston to be a part of her wedding and have rejoiced with her as she became a mom.
Last night, I got a text with a picture of the sweetest newborn baby boy swaddled in a perfectly blue blanket, the text read our newest addition.  See, Julie and her husband have opened up their home, their family and their hearts to be foster parents.  Knowing that loving this little one could just be temporary, they still do it, with so much love.
I told her last night she was my hero.  I meant it.  She is becoming the hands of Christ.  She is investing in the least of these.  She is loving the way we are called to love.  I seriously have a heart overflowing with love, amazement and pride for her. 
Julie, you are my real life hero.

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